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Overwatch Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge Now Live

February 26, 2020


It’s all about life’s little pleasures during Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge, now live on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

From February 26 to March 10, players will be able to let the good times roll and obtain six sprays, two player icons, and the epic Mardi Gras Ashe (and Bob) skin for a total of nine new rewards.

Ashe Mardi Gras Challenge: PLAY TO EARN

Your wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will earn you new player icons, a new spray, and a new epic skin: Mardi Gras Ashe (and Bob)!

  • Win 3 Games | 2 Player Icons
  • Win 6 Games | 1 New Spray
  • Win 9 Games | Mardi Gras Ashe (and Bob) Epic Skin

Ashe Mardi Gras Challenge: WATCH TO EARN

Want more? You can watch Twitch streamers before, during or after matches to unlock even more Ashe and Bob cosmetics – we’re bringing you more Twitch Drops every time you tune in to participating broadcasters through March 10 to earn six Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge sprays!

  • Watch 2 Hours | 1 New Spray
  • Watch 4 Hours | 2 New Sprays
  • Watch 6 Hours | 3 New Sprays

Share a video explaining the rewards for Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge: https://youtu.be/25B05CFMrqw

Ashe Mardi Gras Challenge: WIN EXTRA SWAGS

Most anticipated weekly challenges return for Ashe Mardi Gras! Win EPIC swags and Blizzard Balance by participating on the weekly challenge event page, sign up today!

Experimental Mode

The Experimental mode allows the Overwatch team to test major gameplay changes, similar to how balance updates are tested in the public test realm (PTR) but now available for both PC and console players in the live game. Progressions earned in the Experimental mode is kept in your account unlike the PTR. Changes introduced in Experimental are not guaranteed to go into the live game.

The first test in the Experimental mode is Triple Damage, which defaults team roles to one tank, three damage, and two supports. Players will be able to try the Triple Damage experiment for a limited time.

Check out our full blog on the Experimental mode here: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/23317715

We’ve also got a dev. update video explaining the Experimental mode and Triple Damage here: https://youtu.be/cXtJeSH8V5A

Get in there, Bob!

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